Wednesday, March 01, 2006

i am not jesus

recently i was asked to refrain from discussing a particular topic (in general, not here) without getting preapproval for Acceptable Topic Disclosures. and as a sign of respect, i agreed to honor that request to the best of my ability.

a few days later it occurred to me that a) i have blogged about this topic a LOT and b) i'm not cool with seeking preapproval for blog posts so c) by default i had just killed (at least) half my blog.

then i remembered that d) just last week i had reconsidered killing this blog. i point to the lack of posts and increasingly blase content as proof of my disinterest.

that's on my part. i know that once, you faithful few convinced me to resurrect this blog on the 3rd, or rather 11th day, and so i arose from the dead and shone the Murky Light of Bubbles upon thee.

well i'm sorry, but i'm here to tell you that there will be no second coming. resurrecting is so 1st century AD. and the fact is, i think this blog has always been rather lame. even without this new restriction, there's so much that i haven't been able to talk about. rather than whine about it, or try to invent new topics, i'll call my own bluff and can this.

so anyway - in the future, if you want to know what's going on with me, drop me a note! everyone here should know how to reach me one way or another. best to all of you, and thanks for playing.