Tuesday, November 30, 2004

firefox rules

so i don't slip into complete narcissism, let me take a moment to say firefox rules! i love the tabbing feature and popup blocking (no extra software required) specifically -- not to mention its stronger adherence to W3C standards.

i heart firefox.

who needs new year's?

i've just made the following resolutions:

  • don't be honest about your emotions, because people will always throw it back in your face at the worst moment
  • don't give money to family members unless they are literally near death, because otherwise they are going to suck you dry

like most people, i'm sure i'll ignore these resolutions and go back to Life As Usual tomorrow, but ... today sucks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

thanksgiving + family = headache

not a new formula, i know, but one i'm feeling full on today. i'm coordinating an impending visit from my family down in phoenix, and let's just say that it involves several hundred dollars, an additional 250 miles of travelling and involvement from an unexpected extended family member.

oh, and a bunch of tylenol i just swiped from the first aid kit.

when i get back from thanksgiving break, i'll post about the things i'm thankful for. right now i'm thankful that the work day is 2/3 over.

Friday, November 19, 2004


this is a test of queen heather's blogging system. this is only a test. unfortunately it's a live test, so it's the same as the real deal. and like most things, it fails to fully deliver and leaves us wanting.

so it goes.