Monday, November 26, 2007

yes i'm still here

albeit very sporadically on Ye Olde Internet. i hope to have regular access soon, suffice to say it's been a whirlwind and i'll give you all the salacious details at a future date.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

greetings from the land of the weary

i'll post a more comprehensive update in the future, of course, but suffice to say:

- we finally left san jose on tuesday, nov 6th
- which means yes, we're in oregon now (a nice la quinta inn in wilsonville)
- speaking of which, if you don't have a wireless card, this is a nice place to still score free computer access in the lobby, especially if you like listening to saturday night live at the same time
- i am tired
- thank goodness we have 3 bank accounts and credit cards between the two of us
- it is cold
- my dad was so excited to see us that on the way to the car (to meet us for lunch), he tripped and broke his hip (no, i'm not kidding)
- paying an extra $117 so you don't have to drive a 24ft truck + towed car into downtown portland -- totally worth it
- craigslist help up here appears even better than SJ. proof will be tomorrow, though, when we unload the behemoth
- did i mention it's cold?
- even with all the fiascos and stress of the last several weeks, and stress to come in procuring a new abode, i'm still so happy to be here

that's it for now. time to check on the laundry. =)