Wednesday, February 22, 2006

confessions from the not-asleep bubbles

ok these are not going to be juicy confessions, so don't get your hopes up. but they are bubblicious:

#1 - i have been searching, sometimes fervently, sometimes half-heartedly, for a new provider for launcharoo over the last month. i really like being a reseller -- it's relatively easy to manage, gives me more chances to geek out, help people, and gets me a little money for not much effort.

however, as a result of my adventures, i am now painfully aware of the difference between 99.8% availability and 99.9%. and 99.8%, my friends, is not shabby in the hosting world. i just want perfection. but turns out finding a replacement is VERY difficult because - surprise! - i really did do a good job picking this provider, as they are definitely still a leader in their class. can i be happy with 100% most months and 99.8% on occasion? dunno.

also i have to say, i had no idea how worked up people are getting over SSH access. wow.

#2 - i really do have mixed feelings about my parents still being here. yes they are still here. let's just say:

- my dad spent most of yesterday with a vomit bowl, but does not appear to have actually had a stroke
- mom's health is a bit iffy as well, but she has been up for helping out around the house with chores. of course this comes with occasional passive-aggressive looks and lack-of-responsiveness. we love you, too, mom.

i hear they will leave by this weekend, depending on the weather. this assumes my dad is well enough to travel of course. and we all know where that kind of logic has gotten me: it's gotten me a 2 month visit from them. and as enlightening as their visit has been, i think i am versed enough in the foibles of my parents.

and what a great job it's done reminding me of my own, too! bonus.

#3 - i seem unable to remember that Staying Up Late At The Computer Will Not Put Me To Sleep. i might get some work done, but in fact it just means i stay awake longer, and the next day i will be a zombie.

but who doesn't want that? i can have zombie pride. rrrraaagggggrrff!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

the hits keep on comin'

as predicted, my parents did not leave today. if only i could make money as a parental prognosticator.

my mom came out before i left this morning and said that my dad had a really bad headache. so what? well, headaches can = pending stroke is what. and apparently they also really fuck with his vertigo if he has to drive w/headache, and lead to chuck upping. thanks. and due to the weather i'm sure that means my parents will be here another few days at least.

the good part is that i know min is really loving their company, and will be sad when they go. and i'm glad they're here too, altho i only see them for an hour or so each night when i get home. but the bad part is i just want a break. on tuesday they'll have been here for 2 months. two! i love them but i'm ready for them to leave.

but, only when they really are physically able to go. i just hope that day comes of course. it's just taking many more days than any of us ever expected.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

uh, yeah nevermind

the parents of bubbles (nice, susan!) are NOT leaving this morning. my dad just stumbled out here and told me they're both feeling absolutely miserable. i didn't ask him to clarify since he was also still extremely sleepy. he says they'll take today to finish packing up the car and rest, and leave tomorrow.

the day after tomorrow there's supposed to be a several-day storm coming in. rain here and up along i-5, until you get towards oregon when it turns into snow. and my parents have been carefully avoiding having to drive over the pass because of their car's condition and lack of snow tires or chains.

i put tomorrow's chance of departure at 15%. we shall see.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


my parents are leaving for oregon tomorrow morning. i just found that out tonight. so, given the late notice, they may actually be going.


my nice-to-have

i could hypnotize you with details from the last week or so, but since today is v-day, i bring you only sweetness from this morning:

i woke up - again too early - with a incredibly sore back. it's been bugging me more lately, not sure why. anyway. surprise - min was up already! had been for a few hours, she's got some kind of flu it seems. i kissed her - and pearl - good morning and was going to start getting ready for work, when i remembered i had a valentines card for her. so i gave it to her, along with more kisses - for her and for pearl (everpresent for any opportunity for attention).

so this is all nice and good. but the best part was after all that, i told min about my back bothering me, and so she gave me an absolutely wonderful backrub this morning. such a little sweetie she is, even tho she felt miserable. didn't take all my pain away, but it all made for a much better way to start the day!

just taking a moment to document The Good Stuff. :-)

Monday, February 06, 2006

just the facts ma'am

in lieu of the fantastic fireworks inside my head, i share with you the following factoids:
  • my parents are still here. please try to contain your surprise. everyone in the household is fighting off a new throat bug that my mom seems to have somehow brought into the house. which is amazing considering she hardly goes anywhere besides her bed or a living room chair. nevertheless, she got sick first, and we are insisting on making this a family experience. the family that horks together stays together!

    thus, i have no idea when they are really planning to leave now. presuming my parents feel better in a few days, maybe by this weekend, assuming the weather holds. apparently i-5 has been shut down periodically (north of redding) because of snow and ice, even to vehicles with chains. not that my parents have those, of course! silly.
  • min had an extremely bad attack (pain/cramping/nausea) around 2am last night. we nearly went to the hospital several times, but i kept plying her with different medicines and after a few hours things calmed down, and we both got back to sleep. things have been more rough the last few weeks, so not sure if we're gearing up for something worse or what. at any rate, appreciate you all keeping her health in your thoughts.

    and in case you wondered and i hadn't mentioned it before, there is no miracle cure for min. all that can be done is to manage, and try to keep things livable. hopefully someday, workable (that she can go back to working) but the jury's still out on that one.
  • ok that's the news that's fit to print. hasta la de da!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

it's official

i'm a fool!

have been told.

Four by Four

started this at work a few days ago after wen tagged me. but since i can't sleep...this seemed like the perfect time to start over and actually finish it. :-p

Four jobs I've had:

Cashier at Christmas Enchantments (a christmas store, oddly enough)
ASSistant Manager at Papa Johns Pizza
Lead Interface Producer (and no, that's not pretentious)
Product Content Developer (that isn't either)

Four Movies I can watch over and over:

All of Me
Galaxy Quest
High Anxiety
Mary Poppins
and i could go on, because i do love my movies.

Four Places I've lived:

El Paso, Texas
Coquille, Oregon
Nashville, Tennessee
Ben Lomond, Californiyay

Four TV shows I love:
i actually don't have any shows that i *love* right now. but some that i like:

CSI (original)
and a show that i wish was good enough to like: the l word.

Four places I've vacationed:

British Columbia/Alberta
Oregon Coast (just about anywhere)

Four of my favorite dishes:

Beef Stroganoff
Papa Johns Pizza
Min's Lasagna
German Chocolate Cake

Four sites I visit daily:

Webmail for myriad email accounts
Random entry from my Bloglines feed

Four places I would rather be right now:

Asleep in my bed, with Dolce sleeping on me (as usual - altho she is sitting next to me and purring)
Asleep in a bed, inside a villa overlooking the mediterranean sea
Asleep in a bed, inside a castle overlooking the irish coastline
Asleep in a bed, inside a cabin overlooking tons of snow-capped mountains

ok i don't think it's going to work, but i'm going to try to make #1 in that last list come true now. cya =)

i'm so glad

that on a day where i:

- went to bed 3 hours ago
- actually fell asleep 2 hours ago
- woke up 45 minutes ago
- have to be up for the day, 3 hours from now

that my brain would NOT. SHUT. UP.

if i ever win the lottery, i'm paying a mad scientist to build an off switch for my noggin. i swear.