Monday, February 28, 2005

just so you know

i haven't dropped off the face of the earth. in the last two weeks i have:
  • been to the hospital for Min Adventures!
  • gone on a brief vacation to cambria in a place that looked nicer than it really was
  • been in more meetings than you can shake a stick at (and more to look forward to)
  • rediscovered my love/hate relationship with the l word

i imagine i'll start posting more regularly again soon, but there's the short short version. :-)

Friday, February 11, 2005

survey says: we like to buy things!

found an interesting report today about gay brand loyalty and spending habits. i really want to know what the mix was (% men vs women vs everyone else). anyway, apparently we're going to have $610 BILLION DOLLARS to spend in 2005. i must be getting a better rebate than i thought.

oh also: shut up, chris shelton. wake up and smell the dinero.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

stupidity: priceless

oh yeah baby. stupid client comments. i'm gonna do something like this with all my CS stuff from FreakOne someday... or maybe something better! here's my favorite one:

client: these wet proofs look great, really high quality and expensive looking.
me: yeah, they look professional.
client: hmm, can you print them on lower quality paper as if you've printed them inhouse and then staple them together?
me: yes i can, but it'll be more expensive - almost double the price.
client: i know but we're having budget cut backs and at least they'll look cheap.

it's a gay world after all

wanna live somewhere that's queer 24/7 but isn't in the US? you should move to The Gay Kingdom. it's a small gay world, after all, but that's not stopping some aussies from telling the UN where to get off. something in me wants to make fun of this, but i think this is somewhere between cool and ridiculous and i'm having trouble getting a grip on my wit. time to hit a starbucks methinks.

thanks again to the fab gabriel for this one!

and i can thank myself for getting the "it's a small world" song in my head. open itunes, dammit, open!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

happy holidaze

bug fix has ended. what does that mean? that means i've had a few minutes to call my own. so without further ado, i offer you the very red holiday pics.


toikey day

Friday, February 04, 2005

shut up and talk

an "announcements only, no discussions allowed" list that i'm on has been rampant with discussions lately, and it's really getting on my nerves. a lot of women out there are getting worked up and apparently feel that their opinions must be shared with the whole list, despite guidelines forbidding just that. the latest rant has been of an ageist nature -- arguing whether a local community group is ageist or not because its gatherings are only for women over a certain age.

this eventually led to a friend of mine posting for an event and jokingly making a comment the event being age-inclusive. apparently people must have flamed her, because she just posted a PC apology to the list saying she didn't mean to offend anyone or make light of age-related concerns.

all i have to say is SHUT the HELL up! i don't actually care how you feel about restrictive groups. if i wanted to know, i'd talk to you on the related list that IS for discussions. stop yammering!

and lighten up a little, people. LBJ doesn't like it when you make people feel bad for having a little TOTALLY INNOCUOUS fun. criminy.

ok i feel better now. :-D

Thursday, February 03, 2005

freakin sweet!

do you heart family guy? well get your mouse finger clickin and check out this trippy yet far too brief screen read from an upcoming episode of family guy. that's right - in case you didn't know, it's coming back! get ready for some badass stewie action, baby!!

thanks to the fabulous gabriel for bringing this to my attention!