Monday, June 15, 2009

so i've been thinking

i know i'm amusing from time to time, but as you well know, those times are quite rare. that is, if you're looking for amusement here. because if you look, say here, i believe you will find amusement on a weekly if not daily basis.

that's the first time i've looked at that page. it points out i am a fan of muppets, bacon and sleep. and if that's not amusement from the get-go, i don't know what is.

i promise this is the last time i'll pimp FB. suffice to say i hope any remaining followers will join me over there, because i have been thinking about calling my spade a grave-digging tool, and getting rid of this thing. but then i thought hey! it's nice to be able to wax on if i get a hankerin'. keeping in mind that i seem to hanker less and less these days...

oh and before i forget: any of you who have Blogger-based blogs, i'm sorry i haven't been commenting. the firewall at work does NOT play nice with their system. i can read, and post, but not comment. ridiculous but it's just the sort of corporate efficiency i've come to expect.

on that note, i got a minor promotion at work. which means i'll be ignoring you with a greater level of efficiency and entitlement, going forward. all hail the Slacker Queen, who still loves nuts on her desktop:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

good morning

why yes i'm still here. although, admittedly, usually i am over *there*.

this has been a crazy week. probably because i am covering for my boss plus still doing my regular job. oh, and the car broke down. but thankfully, like most weeks, it's getting better as it goes. hopefully i have not just jinxed myself by saying that.

monday was me & min's 13-year anniversary. we went out to troutdale for a picnic and walk. part of the walk was going to be downtown but apparently they decided to celebrate memorial day by not working. so then we went to see termin@tor 4 (not that great) followed by a quick trip to powell's. who can argue with books?

look at me, being chatty. so what's up with you?

Friday, May 15, 2009

happy friday!

i am a combination of really busy, and really lazy.
other than that, i have no excuse for not writing.
well, except for a horrible cold that lasted a week.
does it help to know that i'm not doing any writing on the side, either?
work emails don't count.

but, i finished my site redesign. is it up yet? well, you can peek...
but no, i won't finish updating the main site til i get home tonight...or this weekend...
but it does feel really good to have that done.
but now i have to redo my resumes and THAT will take longer
but, go me for having a less-cluttered site.
but will that help with the scrilla?

time will tell.
time also travels and i hope to see some of that this weekend, when i take my parents to see the new Star Trek.
time for that was supposed to be last weekend but apparently, last weeked was:
time for my sinuses to go bananas.

speaking of bananas, i'm outta here!
and i will try to be more interesting next time.
oh wait! here's my current desktop:

ok now you can't say i'm not entertaining.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a study in contrasts

a study in contrasts
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if no one is around, dolce is a lump. however, if someone (especially me) approaches, she will start rolling over and moving her head constantly.

in other words, i took 10 shots. the single, barely-blurry one was the left, the other 9? see to the right.

so: adorable, but slightly annoying.

in other news we went to fort stevens over in astoria a few weekends ago and had a merry olde time.

in other other news...i'm getting ready to dust off my personal site. need more freelance web/writing work, bring in a bit more scrilla. yay, here's to bills!