Friday, February 04, 2005

shut up and talk

an "announcements only, no discussions allowed" list that i'm on has been rampant with discussions lately, and it's really getting on my nerves. a lot of women out there are getting worked up and apparently feel that their opinions must be shared with the whole list, despite guidelines forbidding just that. the latest rant has been of an ageist nature -- arguing whether a local community group is ageist or not because its gatherings are only for women over a certain age.

this eventually led to a friend of mine posting for an event and jokingly making a comment the event being age-inclusive. apparently people must have flamed her, because she just posted a PC apology to the list saying she didn't mean to offend anyone or make light of age-related concerns.

all i have to say is SHUT the HELL up! i don't actually care how you feel about restrictive groups. if i wanted to know, i'd talk to you on the related list that IS for discussions. stop yammering!

and lighten up a little, people. LBJ doesn't like it when you make people feel bad for having a little TOTALLY INNOCUOUS fun. criminy.

ok i feel better now. :-D

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