Monday, March 19, 2007

what's fit to print

min's surgery last week went pretty well, really, thank the bejeezus. and thank him i did. her recovery was a little wibbly wobbly but not anything really unexpected. her sister lori has been staying with us since tuesday -- mostly for moral support it seems, rather than actual assistance, although she did make some soup. =)

work has alternated between really hectic and really slow. i have a feeling starting this week (starting today, at any rate) it will lean more towards hectic. i did this unexpected thing, i volunteered for a high-profile temporary position within our group called a Bug Czar. it involves going to a meeting every day and keeping tabs on all of the high priority bugs for web dev (of which there are many) and generally getting called in on anything urgent.

why did i do that, you might ask? aren't i utterly disinterested?

well yes i am. here's the catch: NO SPECS. i have no new specs (projects) for a month and a half (til mid-april). that means no pesky javascript or ajax or what-have-you. and i am ever, ever so grateful for the repreive. there's these lulls of quiet time and then a couple of hours of craziness. it's weird but it works for me.

admittedly the lack of substantial coding appeals to me most. but so does the occasional spot of downtime, by which i can bring you posts like these. and hopefully, in the future, far more interesting ones. ;-)

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Dharma said...

Glad the surgery went well. As for the volunteering, if it works for you, then it's a good thing.