Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the perfect gift

the other day, as i was doing research on my newest story, the internet brought me the perfect gift:

this is from my (onetime) hometown newspaper, the coquille valley sentinel. in case you're wondering, that's pronounced Ko-Keel (internets gave me that, too). other highlights from this page include "Family Goes North" and "Cookie Press Used" and a disney ad for the movie Castaways. good times!

and yes yes, i uploaded these but copyright to all the peoples said inside the master image above.

faith will play a huge role in the story. though i may not have given my religious past a lot of lip service, believe you me -- it is there in spades. as such, i've got a new picture for ya:

and as further proof, yesterday i put this song in my head, reminiscing about rocking out in the car. told you i used to roll for the big kahuna.


Robin Reardon said...

What a riot! I love the scanned (?) page, full of 1971 photos... engagement announcements... those were the days! And no fewer than TWO ads for Spring Fabrics.

How many gift Bibles do you think you'll buy? ;-)

heather said...

i know, real blast from the past. not even that long ago, is what really kills me about it. i can't imagine seeing bible ads like that today--in the local paper.

snarfdog said...

What happened to "This Little Light of Mine?" ;)

heather said...

hey, nice work snowflake, putting that in my head! i am really susceptible to music prompts. :-p