Thursday, December 09, 2004

maimed for love

i was recently maimed for love as part of cheese-slicing incident. i was trying to hack a gigantic block of cheese (for my baby and the kitties - that's the love part) when the knife slipped and sliced off part of my finger. i didn't go get stitches because it sliced sideways ... nothing to stitch up. luckily (i guess) because of my stupid skin condition we had plenty of gauze and tape so my baby wrapped it up reel gud. i've actually graduated to a gigantic bandaid today. hopefully that's where i can stay because the uber-finger was awfully cumbersome.

but still, it's fun to say i was maimed for love. oh and boy did i have fun secretly flipping people off yesterday. ;-)

extra props to liz for speedy sidekick action.

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