Wednesday, December 01, 2004

religion rears its lovely head

my friend liz has been going through family angst because of a recent decision to pursue lesbian parenthood. i ranted a bit about what love REALLY is, but it got me thinking:

i don't know about anyone else, but as for me, being queer has made me stick to those traits i was taught about even closer than in my blindly hetero days. why? because i, too, feel the constant lens of judgement peering down at my life by all the straight, christian members of my family. i don't dare fuck up my relationship or act in any way unethical and jeopardize my life because that would mean i'm a godless lesbian heathen who gets what she deserves. call that internalized homophobia if you want, but i think living a life built around love ain't so shoddy.

and yes, i DO try to live that way just because i think it happens to be the right thing to do and that makes me happy, too. the societal influence is just that - an influence.

ok that's enough for now. i feel awfully worked up for someone who's supposed to be loving. :-) time to work.

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