Wednesday, July 06, 2005

adventures of baroness min-chausen

yesterday min went to get her j-tube removed, both because she doesn't need it (yay!) and it was getting too cranky to stay there anymore.

ok fine. but a few seconds after WonderSurgeon starts pulling it out, min SCREAMS. for most people, says the doc, it just comes right out and doesn't hurt. but you know us queers, we gotta be different. apparently min wasn't really ready to let go just yet. WonderSurgeon says problem is most likely the swelling around the tube so it should be better next week, now that min's on antibiotics for it.

other than yesterday's excitement, min is doing relatively well. eating, overall, is going more smoothly both in terms of what options are and how well the food goes down. still having more trouble with the latter than she'd like, but at least once in a while - brace yourself - we can eat the same food.

i know that doesn't sound like an earth-shattering comment, but about two weeks ago, we prepared a meal together that we both subsequently ate. and that hasn't happened since..hmm.. maybe february or march. it's been quite a while, and it was fun. i kinda forgot how much so.

also i can tell she is doing better because in general she is more chatty and just happier. funny how not being in contant, almost unbearable pain will make you chipper. :-p so i'm happy for her and i'm happy for us.

and now for some randomness:
i can't believe this is news
badass science stickers

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