Thursday, July 14, 2005

it's a family affair

as a reprieve from our own personal dramas, i now bring you drama from the unbearably hot streets of tucson, arizona: early wednesday morning, min's nephew matt was shot and killed by local police.

no i am not kidding.

i was ready to tell you all about it but min just sent me that article a little bit ago. and turns out some of the facts were wrong so see? link's even better than my version. although the article doesn't also mention that matt's mother, pam, also recently had a fire blaze through her apartment complex, demolishing most of her belongings, and that her husband rick recently lost his job. leaving them with no income at present.

min wasn't super close to matt, so she seems to be doing ok. (sidebar: she's doing a bit better, tube came out fine (by itself!), she's got more energy, just having some trouble eating). but we are going down to help support the rest of the local family, which is understandably pretty shook up. especially, it sounds like, his brother, who witnessed the event and has a similar history with the prison system, unfortunately.

funeral is next friday so i'll be taking off a few days while we trek down there. meantime i've got craploads of work to do so i probably won't be posting much for a while (like i've got tourettes now). if you feel so inclined, please send your well wishes/good thoughts to min's family, particularly his brother paul (JR) and mother pam.

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