Saturday, August 27, 2005

i rule

every quarter at work, they give an award to whoever fixed the most bugs. last quarter that was me. i rule.

i got this the day before my birthday, which was nice. but also for my birthday i got a really horrendous bug/throat infection/god knows what, of which i haven't fully recovered from (i'm 98% there tho).

anyway, to what do i attribute my bug fu success? my quality work ethic? workaholic nature? well naturally those played a part, but no. the real reason is that i was the lead on an insanely f'd up project at work that lasted for months. which led to insane numbers of bugs being assigned to me.

so, don't worry, liz. you'll win next quarter. again.

ps. sorry to everyone for the last two posts. those really were too long. i don't think i'll get the urge to do something like that again, but if i get tempted, i'll try to stick my finger in a socket first or something.


Viv said...

Yes! You posted a picture! Now I can marvel at your tippy toe bug-fu statue anytime I want! :)

Liz said...

You've got that right, sister! Enjoy your victory while it lasts.