Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the truth is out there

and now for my 'it only took me 3 days to do this between firestorms' post...

i don't mind experimentation -in fact i love it- but going blonde is a mistake for some people. and someone who should never go blonde is gillian anderson. at least not full on blonde like she is now.

i found that pic yesterday, after looking up the little hottie. after finally seeing the last x-files ever (i know it finished several years ago, but i stopped watching the last few years) i thought, man! no more x-ies! ok fine, what's new with that damn sexy redhead now? and then when i found her, obviously i went into Shock.

so yes, i found out she has a couple of movies coming soon, and i for that i am very glad. but i also hope that means that soon i will start seeing red. or at least, not blonde. i'm all set in the blonde department, thanks.

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