Tuesday, September 13, 2005


so as i probably could have predicted, had i not gotten a little too worked up, things are not as dire for my parents as previously thought. this is, of course, the relative, hybridized truth that i've decided on after hearing conflicting stories from my parents and my sister. i really should know better, but i guess that's why i called the last one 'inescapable'. family sucks you back in like no one else.

whether my parents move or don't, where they move, when... well, i just asked my mom to keep me up to date. other than that i think i'm going to stay out of it. well, other than sending them some $. which again i never thought i'd do, but i can't stand the thought of my mom not getting medicine just because insurance won't cover it. especially if it's just $30 freaking dollars/month. an amount that is relatively nothing to me, but everything to my mom.

in other family news, min hasn't been doing so well. she's started having mini-attacks again (almost went to the hospital last week, and she's having a smaller but long-lasting one today) and is back on disability. which hopefully is a temporary thing while they try to adjust some meds, calm things down. keep her in your thoughts.


raku said...

Sending good thoughts your way for all of it. Seems like heavy times for a lot of us lately...I wonder what's up with that.

Jenn!e said...

I totally hear you on the $30 part.

And oof, sorry to hear that about min. I hope she's feeling better soon.