Thursday, October 06, 2005


that's the song on right now, but it's a good description for the last few days because things have been all wacky getting ready for:

my mom to come live with us.

because she's separating from my dad.

and she's going to be here in about 30 minutes.

there's so much more i could say, and i'm sure eventually i will, but at the moment my brain feels a little too fried. i guess i'm just taking a moment to document that fact (or at least i would have completed the 'moment' last night, when the 30 minute thing was true, but blogger was toast).

ok now i'm going back to *trying* to work until i have to leave in a bit. bleh.

p.s. my mom got here fine. i have dramatic re-enactments dancing in my head but otherwise things seem relatively quiet. of course, my mom isn't up yet and who knows what exciting developments there may have been since i went to sleep!

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Jenn!e said...

I think that, no matter what one's relationship with one's mom, 'fried' is how one would feel when looking right in the eyes of a move-in. Wow. Big stuff.

(poor grammar!)