Wednesday, February 21, 2007

this is unreal

i don't know how this happened:

You Are 0% Homophobic

You're open minded, tolerant, and accepting. And you're not homophobic in the least :-)

speaking of unreal, min and i went for a VERY last minute trip up to oregon over the weekend! i like spontaneity but normally our unexpected outings occur within a 50 mile radius and only last a few hours. being a last minute idea, we didn't leave until about 330pm saturday. due to traffic and weather we didn't arrive to salem (where my parents/sister live) until around 430am. good thing my family tends to sleep in.

we had a great time visiting with them - playing games, talking, having grilled cheese and marionberry cobbler. we also ended up going to our beloved rose's, which closed in the 90's (much to our dismay) but reopened a few years ago. yay! sadly the food wasn't quite as magical as it used to be but it was still damn tasty.

oh! and i had the best. coffee. ever. holy crap. so rich so creamy so tasty so why can't they have some down here??? wah!!

per wen's suggestion that a visit might be helpful in addressing these feelings of wanting to move: great idea. now i want to move even MORE. apart from enjoying being with my family - which meant a lot - i loved revisiting my past. here's where i did blah, there's the HS i graduated from, etc. it was fun. and while i think california, esp the bay area here, is beautiful in many many ways, i fell totally in love with oregon again. also i never realized how much parts of it - esp between salem and eugene - looks like middle tennessee. which yes, i sometimes wax nostalgic for (altho not for its summers).

because of all this we left late coming home, too, and didn't get back until 4am. so with that plus fighting off a cold, my ass is dragging. time to apply more toffee crack.


Kelly said...

You can find Seattle's Best at Borders stores. At least they have it at the Borders in Stonestown in San Francisco.

heather said...

thanks kelly!!

louisiana swamp rat said...

And you can order their coffee online, if you are willing to make it yourself - I used to work for the company that owned SBC - we got their coffee free! But, alas, Star*uck's bought them, and I hate Star*uck's.

Oregon sounds cool, I've always wanted to visit. And I understand the pull of home, we've moved back to Louisiana no less than 3 times in the last 20 years - but we always come back to Atlanta - home is just too backwards (not a problem in Oregon, fortunately for you).

heather said...

you know, i am just now getting to the point that i may make coffee at home. regular coffee used to be too acidic for me, and so for years all i'd get were frappaccinos with all that ice, milk, etc, but i've found a ton of whip cream will fix that ailment.

louisiana swamp rat said...

I find whipped cream makes just about anything better!

Dharma said...

I make my own coffee, but with less fanfare then when I weighed it before grinding. Don't ask. I like whipped cream for a lot of things but don't need it for coffee.

TGF and I am beginning to figure out where to move to next, but none of the places are home for either of us - it would be all new.