Wednesday, February 28, 2007

typo of the day

"The most important part is the presence of the scrollbards"

scrollbards! wandering around the streets of england, looking for someone to buy their carefully scribed collection of words. we should all be so lucky to have the presence of scrollbards.

and in a retroactive typo of the day, a recent favorite is butto. as in:

"Please use the code below or create a similar butto:"

o butto, how i love thee. you have butto-d your way into my heart.


gs said...

=scrollbards! wandering around the streets of england,...=

Wow! A two-laugh day for me! (I got my first laugh over on Andrea's blog.) I feel lucky. Thanks.

Dharma said...

butto-s! I got me a large one of those. Oh, wait you meant something else. My bad. he he

heather said...

heh. glad i could give you two a giggle.