Tuesday, June 19, 2007

until i have the energy to write a recap

please enjoy the photos i uploaded, since that's probably all you'll get from me (boston-wise) for at least a week. ;-)

and someday…someday, i will get (online) the rolls and rolls of oldskool film i shot over the weekend. if anyone has a good resource for digitally processing APS film, feel free to pass it along. meantime, google, watch out!


snarfdog said...

film? What's that? Is it something like those old things they call records? or 8 track tapes? ;)

heather said...

i know! i'm still confused.

Wyatt's Mom said...

The photos are gorgeous. My advice (assvice?) is to take them to your favorite photo place and have them also put on cd. Mucho easio

heather said...

and yes i just might do that. i started to look at online processing, it really isn't going to save me that much. not to mention, be a little more cumbersome.