Wednesday, June 27, 2007

my presidential weekend, and a quiz

i know, i know, i'm not talking about boston yet. soon, i promise.

this last weekend was half about working, half about fun. having been away a lot over this month, i had a backlog of both freelance work and errands. but i did plan in some fun, too. thursday on ba-scrappy there was an offer of free tickets to this chippie saturday evening at the warfield. i've never been to the warfield, but free tickets to someone billed as being a little snarky? sounds perfect.

well think again. that woman was seriously the most unfunny AND offensive comic i've ever seen. we stuck it out for about 20 minutes and then gave up because we'd already heard her use about every racial slur known to man (ok, maybe half of them) and used them to give the audience (or her ex boyfriends) shit. cursing and slurs made up the punchline to every single "joke" and while i don't mind a little fuck now and then, i don't think it works as a noun, adjective AND verb all in the same sentence.

so! we departed and began trolling around union square for a restaurant. ended up at a mediocre mediterranean place nearby, went to urban outfitters and scored some sweet, cheap shirts, and then i wanted some sweet, sort of cheap dessert. i was thinking ice cream since there was a coldstone creamery up the block.

as we approach the store i see a huge crowd. it's about 10pm so i figure this is because coldstone is the only place to get fresh ice cream if you're jonesing. but as we get closer we see a black limo off to the right, and that the people are in a bubble(!) shape around the entrance, and many of those people are holding up their cellphones. this is when someone says very loudly, 'bill clinton is in there!' and you know what? he was.

min pushed her way up near the front of the bubble and waited, as we all did, for clinton to exit. he gave his ice cream to one of the secret service agents, waved to us all, let a few pictures be taken, and signed a few autographs. then he got his ice cream back and headed down the street, right past me, maybe 4 feet away. actually on the way he smiled at us (min was back at that point). a couple of people yelled out, 'we love you!' and then he was gone.

once inside to get the ice cream, we found out he'd posed with the entire staff and given them a $100 tip. pretty nice eh? i miss that guy being in the white house.

sunday was more worky, but when i finished we went up to SF for the tail end of pride. that was ok - it would've been nice to go to an actual *event* rather than just mill about - but again, we followed it up with ice cream (this time at ghirardelli square) so really, just perfect.

now for the quiz. it's long (112 questions) but if you're a true harry potter fan that's nothing compared to the tomes rowling puts out. i accidentally deleted part of the auto-results but suffice to say i am severus snape and i can live with that because he is a real badass (but good guy) and that sounds right up my alley. plus alan rickman is just cool.

Severus Snape 88%

Hermione Granger 84%

Luna Lovegood 84%

Albus Dumbledore 75%

Remus Lupin 69%

Neville Longbottom 69%

Draco Malfoy 66%

Percy Weasley 63%

Sirius Black 63%

Ron Weasley 59%

Harry Potter 59%

Bellatrix Lestrange 50%

Oliver Wood 50%

Lord Voldemort 38%

Take the Harry Potter Character Combatibility Test


wen said...

i saw the free tix, too, and headed over to youtube to see if there were any clips. after seeing her be nasty to blacks, asians and queers in under 2 min, i decided it probably wasn't my style of comedy. i checked out another clip, jic. still not funny. i like *thoughtful* humor that engages race, or is insightfully done by someone of that race (think: margaret cho doing "ass master"). but a white lady saying nasty things to her audience members of different races while using 3 f-words per sentence? no thanks.

glad you got ice cream, bill clinton and some pride festivities though! :)

heather said...

well normally i'd say 'wish i'd thought of that' but we had such a great time after that that i think it was worth it. =)

youtube's good to think about for next time tho, thanks!

louisiana swamp rat said...

I'm jealous! Ice cream and Bill in one night!

Great pic, your camera phone is much better than mine.

heather said...

yeah it was a good night! and actually that's from min's phone, altho i have the same kind. every once in a while we get a good shot out of 'em. =)

Dharma said...

Wow, what a day! Ice cream and Bill. I took the quiz, couldn't help it.

heather said...

results please?? =)