Saturday, July 07, 2007

uh, i've been published

so there is this company called schmap, which publishes travel guides (they have an online and offline version). for many destinations, the photos are pulled - with detailed, limited licensing and individual agreements in place - via flickr. because the people, they know where to go (and take pictures), right?

right. well, they just published their san francisco guide, and they used a picture of mine for a restaurant review. that's right -- the picture i almost didn't take was destined to be my first foray into photographic publishing.

for the record, i've had my writing published several times. but...salad? huh?


wen said...

i look forward to the entire salad coffee table book.

heather said...

metoo! i'm really excited about the chapter called Dressings: How to Bend Vinaigrette To Your Will

Dharma said...

Never heard of schamp. Interesting.

snarfdog said...

Way to go Bubbles! That could be your pen name, Bubbles B. Vinaigrette. The b stands for bend of course.

heather said...

thanks snowflake!
and badass work on the pseudonym. i will really have to think about that.