Saturday, October 27, 2007

please hold

there has been quite the flurry of activity since my last post. packing, sure. final appointments, disconnecting services, etcetera, yes. but one thing you might not have suspected -- and certainly i did not expect -- is that my bank accounts would be inexplicably frozen and slated for closure.

maybe i'm crazy, but i think this is normal, not expecting your assets to freeze. at least if you aren't a felon, calling card scammer or involved in fraudulent financial transactions. and me? well i'm in the last category right now, at least according to my bank, WaMu, or as i think i'll call them from now on, ScrewYu.

it all started with the deposit of my final paychecks from work. what with the hordes of PTO i'd accrued (and yes, i accrued purposefully), i deposited a tidy sum at the atm. yes, i have since been told that i should go into the branch for large checks, even if it's, let's say, from my regular employer, who issues me large (though not that large) checks on a biweekly basis.

what with the amount of scrilla, i figured it would take several days for the checks to clear. fine. what i did not expect is that 4 business days later, i'd try to use my card at longs and it'd be denied. wtf? so i head to the bank and am informed that my account has been closed due to suspicious of fraud.


it took the very nice lady at the bank about a half hour to figure out the source of trouble (el checkos) and when she told me that they expected they checks to be returned unpaid, i just stared at her. i worked for a *very* big company. these are not checks from some fly-by-night startup. why wouldn't they be paid?

that was thursday morning. suffice to say, from then til 6pm friday i was working with both my former employer and ScrewYu to get things worked out so that we could, i don't know, MOVE THIS WEEKEND.

as you might guess, things did not work out. i have both ScrewYu and wells fargo to thank for that. we tried to make arrangements for some temporary scrilla to tide us over for an additional week, allowing us to make our trip as scheduled, but no luck.

which means, barring divine and fiduciary intervention, we're probably going to be here another week and a half. the *only* good thing i can say about this is that it gives us more time to pack. we'd decided to pay for some packing help, and well, now we can wrap that up ourselves. goody!


Dharma said...

Wow. That is just insane. Totally and completely.

heather said...

yes and a real joy as you might guess.

gs said...

Sounds like an argument for direct deposit.

heather said...

yeah, not an option for final paychecks. wish it was.

Kelly said...

What a pain, Heather, and certainly not what you need on your way out of town. Good luck with everything.

Pandababy said...

Find a good lawyer and express your frustration with a lawsuit against screwyu? It seems to me that they acted arbitrarily and without any cause. Having done that, why couldn't they just fix it in, say, half an hour? They NEED to be sued!

heather said...

thanks kelly.

yeah, it might come to lawyering, panda! i'm still crossing my fingers and doing a few things to hope it gets resolved in the meantime, but wow.

wen said...

hope the trip up the the great wet north went well. send an update when you can! :)