Thursday, February 14, 2008

it me, trendsetter

snowflake, identifier of trends and master of scrabulous, wins the prize for identifying an uptick in my direction on the very day that the circle became complete, which is to say:

i got a job. =)

and yes, that is a collective sigh of relief that you're now hearing.

the good news:
  • i got a job!
  • a permanent one, even!
  • at a Big Company! normally i wouldn't care about that, but in our current economy, and certainly within this particular company, that equals more job security.
  • apparently they are very fond of potluck lunches. free food, always good news.
  • my new job title includes the word "author".

    the mediocre news:
  • the pay, especially compared to what i'm used to from californy, but still, a liveable salary for up here
  • the very specific hours (8-5). and i'm whining because i have been SPOILED for the last THREE YEARS, where i normally rolled into work around 1030am. i told you - spoiled.
  • despite being an "author", the only thing i should be writing is code. yes, code. however, it looks to have junior-level code requirements, so thank god for that. let's just say, there were no interview questions about javascript, and that made me a *very* happy camper.

    oh and this is interesting, apparently this place is soooo security conscious that i literally will not step on-site until all my hiring paperwork is complete. as proof, i had my in-person interview at st@rbucks. how can you argue with coffee ubiquity? so i didn't, and the four of us had a very nice, caffeinated chat.

    since apparently i am practicing for getting up early (i woke up around 330 today), i decided to, upon proper alertness, alert you all to the good mews. so there you have it, and now i'm off the hook to post for at least a week. ;-)

    Carol said...

    Yay! Congrats. Now you just have to find the Oregonian equivalent of toffee crack, so your caffeine needs can be met on a regular basis.

    heather said...

    thanks MB!
    and, no kidding. i drove past a place advertising bubble tea the other day, and believe me, if i'd have time, i'd have stopped to check on crack equivalencies.

    snarfdog said...

    Woo hoo! Glad I could help. ;) Although maybe I should have mentioned you getting a job a month ago.

    liz2d2 said...

    Woo hoo! Jesus really is looking out for you!

    Amy said...

    Congratulations, AUTHOR!

    cvc said...

    Congrats!!!!!! I knew it wouldn't take long!

    heather said...

    yeah, susan, way to slack! =)

    thanks everyone!

    Kelly said...

    Congratulations, Heather. What a relief for you!

    I'm glad that you're so happy in your new surroundings.

    heather said...

    thanks kelly! yes, i suppose if *someone* has to be happy, it may as well be me. :-o

    gs said...


    Free food makes everything more special.

    I hear you on the pay front. Here in Florida, when we try to recruit new employees from California, we often run into this issue. They expect so much, and around here the cost of living is so much less. Hopefully you will find you can live comfortably on what you have.

    And I have to be at work at 7:00 every day, so 8:00 sounds pretty good to me ;) I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

    You seem to have a positive perspective right now, and that's great!

    heather said...

    thanks gs!

    yeah, the cost of living IS less here, although not as less as i'd like. hopefully my math still works.

    when min used to work, i'd have to get to my job by 7am, so i do know what that's like...i just don't like it. =)

    wen said...

    yay! i am so happy for you.

    and bubble tea = crack. seriously. tara and i have our favorite place (chinatown place we don't know the name of because we can't, uhm, read chinese) and our second favorite place (nice ambiance, more upscale, tea not as tasty but they'll give you extra crack-bubbles if you ask). we visit them, oh, several times a week. delish.

    and, well, i'm at work by 7 am.

    heather said...

    thanks wen! yeah, i hope i adjust to the new time quickly...bleh.

    Dharma said...

    That is great news hon. Good for you.