Friday, March 28, 2008

jesus loves us, now let's go kick some ass

in case you wondered how people get ideas like that.


gs said...

Sorry, but I am still wondering how people get ideas like that. Your link did not bring me Enlightenment.

My personal opinion, unproven by scientific experiment, but also not disproven, as far as I know, is that "people" like Chuck Norris are actually not people, but aliens. Sometimes when I'm driving in my car I tune in to the alien radio stations on my radio, just to marvel at how their ideas of logic and reason are so different from us native-Earth humans.

What people don't realize is that aliens aren't just humans with pointed ears. Aliens think according to completely different rules. That's what being alien is all about.

heather said...

you're right, i should've said 'where' not 'how'. clearly all this alien propaganda begins at commencement speeches such as this! ;-)