Sunday, March 09, 2008

a spot of ramble

it was another quiet week at work, with more spells where i actually got to read a book. even weirder, apparently such spells are not abnormal. once i get into a non-training schedule, it will be interesting to see if i can actually write at work. in the meantime, i'm getting paid to read and play scrabulous, plus do a little work, and that ain't shabby, folks.

it's been a mellow weekend too, haven't felt well, but my mom is coming up so we can grab a bite and possibly a movie. probably a 2nd run, still not a lot of scrilla, but it shouldn't be hard to top the last movie i saw, which was the worst book rendition i've ever seen. the book? great. the movie, holy kiwi.

have any of you been in a writing group? i'll be joining one shortly, one that's just starting, and so if you have any advice, give it up. i'm looking forward to some writing accountability -- i know it's the only way i'll write on a regular basis, despite *thinking* about writing every single day. so here's to some caffiene-punctuated progress, since we're meeting at the home of my favorite coffee dispenser, borders.

and what's up with the rest of you? some of you've been a little quiet lately. snowflake's the only one getting a pass, since she hurt her back, poor thing. but the rest of you - speak up!


Mir said...

Hey Queen! I'm in a writer's group. It does force me to write, but only when it's my turn to submit something to the group. So guess what I do? Wait until the last possible minute and throw something together. Amazingly, it usually turns out okay. Lots of typos, but that's why I am not an editor. - OX, Princess

heather said...

haha. i bet that will be me, too.

Dharma said...

Sorry I know I've been slacking but I catching up now. I am not up to a writing group but am reading some books, trying to blog more, and READ more. I'm on Goodread, are you?

heather said...

yay! for more goodreads friends!