Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the power of boop

running an errand at lunch, a white sedan behind me had the name and picture of betty b00p airbrushed onto the hood. as you can see there, this is still odd, but at least it's tastefully small. the one i saw pretty much filled the entire hood of the car. not really what i expected to see when i adjusted my mirror.

so...what message or image would you airbrush onto your car, if you had the time, inclination and, let's say, free cash to do it? i'm thinking something along the lines of R0N PAUL 08. because i also saw him at lunch, in the form of a forlorn sign littering a corporate courtyard, and i think the ol codger could use a pick me up.


gs said...

I don't know exactly what mine would be, but it would definitely include a soft sandy beach, a warm ocean, and palm trees. Yeah, definitely.

heather said...

does sound nice!

gs said...

By coincidence (and I kid you not), this was in our local paper this morning:

The owners of Art Vue Galerie in Cocoa Village remain vigilant in their efforts to retrieve the Betty Boop statue stolen from in front of the store earlier this month.

Clark and Jan Moody have set up a large sandwich board sign outside the gallery. Attached to the sign is a larger version of a reward offer for information leading to the return of the statue, which has been a fixture at the storefront for years.

"Everywhere we go — the dry cleaners, the grocery store, restaurants — people are stopping us and asking if we've found Betty yet," Jan Moody said.

"Now, we're hearing from people about how Betty was kidnapped, and they’re asking 'Have you found the kidnappers?'"

heather said...

omg a boop kidnapping! the boop fetishists will stop at nothing.