Saturday, April 12, 2008

spring at my house

looks thusly, according to my mediocre but still powerful cameraphone:

and in the strange but true department, yesterday on facebook i found a friend who came to our wedding, 11 years ago, because she's a friend of dharma! really this was a friend of min's, and they lost touch after we moved from montana 10 years ago, but still, that was really damn trippy. and cool.

hoping to see my parents today, and hoping my dad's leg is doing better. this infection of his isn't letting go. bleh. think good thoughts, think..


gs said...

That top picture is especially terrific!

heather said...


Sam said...

I can't believe those are cell phone photos - they are gorgeous!
And I love the name Dharma.

heather said...

thanks sam! they're never print quality, but sometimes i'm surprised at how good they come out.

Dharma said...

I still this is close to the number 1 best thing about joining up on facebook. I am amazed.
Sam- thanks for the compliment on my name.