Thursday, May 29, 2008

don't you tell me what's nessa! i tell YOU what's nessa!

that's the end of a line not fully quoted here, but my parents, sister and i have quoted that line probably a billion times, because this:
(other than this--what a dramatic sidebar!), was THE most-watched movie of my youth, hands down. and why am i telling you? because today is madeline kahn appreciation day and as far as i'm concerned, she is the queen of comedy, which means you all should take a moment to appreciate her genius.

and incidentally, thanks to youtube, apparently you can appreciate it from your computer. these kids, with the technology! i'm just tickled at all this newfangledness.

i could prattle on about how much this movie shaped my warped sense of humor and thus, my entire life. but you'll be bored, and i will too. just go enjoy the linkage i've already provided, and then you will also say:



Mir said...

I can't believe I missed this awesome holiday! I too love Madeline Kahn. In our house we quote her lines from "Young Frankenstein". "Taffeta darling! It wrinkles so."

heather said...

of course you do. how perfect.

i can't *hear* the word taffeta without giggling and thinking about this line.

Dharma said...

I think your sense of humor was born warped and this just helped it along.