Thursday, May 01, 2008

foray for fifty-fivers

one of the writing lists i'm on introduced me to a site called Pen Pricks, which publishes 55-word fictionettes on a monthly basis. i have an entry called "Shopaholic" - bout 3/4 down the page. there's tons of great entries, and obviously these make for a quick read, which is nice for those with no attention span.

and if you feel adventurous, submit your own! 55 words aren't that hard to churn out. although, composing *exactly* 55 words in an interesting manner...well yes, that can be tricky.


Sam said...

These are fun - and interesting! Shopoholic had a nice feel to it despite its brevity! Good job!!
(and yes, they are perfect for short attention spans!)

heather said...