Thursday, October 23, 2008

proof of boredom: 2 posts in the same week

i was really bored this morning. oh, i had work, but not enough of it, because i am a work-eating machine. so before i went to lunch, on facebook i set my status to:

Heather hopes, upon return to her desk, to be greeted by either work or inspiration.

and inspiration was what i got. i have work friends on facebook, and apparently one of them decided my hope should take the form of a post-it.

fine by me. it's staying in front of my keyboard so that i remember to take a break - mental or otherwise - more often. and, what i really meant by inspiration was, inspiration to write.

i am in a serious funk when it comes to penning any fiction, and haven't written anything new in almost two months. before this was about work insanity but the last few days, every time i think about writing i hear 'work on your goals!' from the bosslady in my head, so i drudge through personal improvement training instead.

this is another form of procrastination and i know it. the truth is, nothing is moving me long enough to write. post-post-it, i even opened up a file called 'inspiration' and started pasting in tidbits from this awesome site i randomly found the other day. i had a whole page of it, and then i had to go somewhere - for a walk? yes, after more mind-numbing training - and when i came back, i just stared at them tidbits. yeah? so? interesting? but apparently not enough.

so. any of you writers or creative types -- has this happened to you, and what the hell did you do to break out of it? do i just need a vacation? yes, i have been stressed with family stuff, but i don't think that explains it all. i'm just really having a hard time getting started, hearing a story. and yes i just figured out i need to hear at least part of the story before i begin.

ok any of you with ideas, please hammer 'em into me.


Capricorn Cringe said...

Maybe you could try working on something else for a while? Sometimes it helps to step away from the current project and prime the creative pump by doing something completely different.

I find the longer I wait for inspiration, the more it eludes me and I end up doing nothing at all.

heather said...

yeah, i guess i need help figuring what the something else should be. i'm having a good weekend tho so it should be interesting to see how i feel when i'm back at work. =)

Dharma said...

Well as I just posted over on my blog, I don't think I have the attention span for novel length things but in general I think we all go through dry periods. I also think there is a hell of lot going on in your world. Maybe try a totally different genre - slam poetry, plays, and what's that thing called -its like writing without thinking, almost half asleep thing you know what I mean. Try that.

heather said...

thanks for all the comments, samantha :)

yeah i started something new, but it's not working. i think i need to try something else, so thanks for the ideas.