Wednesday, October 08, 2008

i have no excuse not to write

at least this morning, so here i am. so what's the haps the last few weeks? well, certainly not my mom moving in. she is now targeting next weekend. since she's given me a new date, i suppose this weekend i will actually work on the guest room...

what i really wanted to do this weekend was get out halloween decor. over the weekend we went to the roloff farms - home to the little people, big world show, if you watch that.

my punkin

min is a big fan and was ecstatic (i surprised her) to go there finally, despite having to hobble a bit. she'd wrenched her knee the week before. we got some nifty pumpkins which i will try to showcase sometime before halloweenie.

afterwards, we went to see a bad movie but followed it with yummy japanese. 8 or so hours after that, min got up from bed and uber-wrenched her knee. 10 or so hours after that, we came home from the ER, her with a big ol knee brace and orders to rest. has she been resting? using the brace? sort of. grr.

i know i'm being a bad blog hostess, what with these sporadic posts. however, if you want more frequent - if one line - updates, you should add me as a friend on facebook. i know you're all dying for up to the minute heather news, so consider this your best source.

and since i flubbed several words in the attempt to type that last paragraph, i have a question for y'all, especially those of you who might be older than me. in the last few months i've noticed that i'm starting to misspell words -- and instead of transposing letters (my longtime favorite) -- i'm spelling semi-phonetic-variations. for example, dying became dieing. news was originally knews. so....has this happened to any of you? this rampant misspelling affliction? i feel like my synapses are starting to break down.


gs said...

As I grow older, I also make a lot more typos, but they're mostly of the wrong-letter and extra-letter variety. Not what you are seeing.

=dying became dieing=

This is actually an improvement, in terms of language consistency.

=news was originally knews=

No, no Heather! This is going thw wrong way! We want to get rid of the silent k's, not propagate them! :)

The fact is that until recently (the last few centuries) there was no consistency in spelling, and in the works of Shakespeare and others from before the days of dictionaries, spelling variations were very common. And I think that loose attitude towards spelling, along with a lack of self-consciousness about grammar, contributed to a willingness to be free and experimental with the language, and that led in turn to many of the great literary accomplishments of those periods. Somehow, I suspect that Shakespeare would never have been able to achieve the heights that he did if he had been educated in our modern schools.

So it seems to me that you are somehow regressing to Elizabethean times. And that can only be a good thing. :)

P.S. I say that my typos aren't like the ones you describe, but just while I was typing this comment, "terms" originally came out as "turns." Hmmm.

heather said...

you know what's funny about your elizabethan comment is i just finished trying to read a book set in the 16-1700s. but this has been going on for a while.. still, good to know it's not unusual per se...

Capricorncringe said...

I do the extra letter thing, too. Or leave out important words. Mostly I'm just in a hurry and my brain goes faster than I can type. I wouldn't stress out about it. :)

heather said...

thanks cc - yeah, i'm not worried about it -- i do just chalk it up to getting older -- but it did sort of startle me, happening all of a sudden.

Capricorn Cringe said...

It's probably because you have a lot of stress in your life right now and aren't paying a lot of attention - that could account for the "all of a sudden"ness

heather said...

good guess! time will tell.