Monday, January 26, 2009

downtime sorta sucks

especially if you're, let's say, also struck with writer's block. the funny thing is that i did start a new story the other day, but when i find myself with time to think about - and work on - it, i get frozen. the thought of penning anything further just stops me in my tracks.

i am sure it doesn't help that this, and the story i'd started late last year, involve a lot of personal history mining. i didn't mind mining, i suppose, but i think i'm getting frozen (in advance, mind you) thinking about the inevitable sharing of said stories -- for example, min is in my writer's group.

how do people ever write semi-autobiographical stories? at least about people who are still alive. i can't turn off that damned internal Nice Girl for more than an hour at a time, it seems, before she just clams up. and sure, i could write pure-on fiction. but this other stuff is clogging up the drain, and so nothing lovely is getting through. or rather, nothing inordinately clunky. a little clunky i don't mind, but this...

besides work and being creatively cranky, things have been all right. we've been working through this, i took down 80% of our christmas tree, finally went to the (somewhat disappointing) downtown library, the world was coated in white for most of sunday, and i have eaten here twice in the last week. carbolicious!

in closing, i would like to thank the facebook gods for being occasionally diverting.
that is all.


gs said...

I sometimes wonder what Sylvia Plath's friends and relatives felt after they read The Bell Jar.

If you have autobiographical issues that are clogging the pipes, maybe it would be quicker to get them out of your system by just writing a straight autobiography or memoir? Like, one that you would keep to yourself and not share with your writers group. Then get on to the 100% fiction.

Just a thought.

heather said...

that's a good idea and you made me realize i'd started something like that quite some time ago. for whatever reason, i stopped before "the end"...i should go back to it. :) thanks!