Friday, February 13, 2009

a productive week+

since my last post, a little over a week ago, i have written 3 pieces. 3 solid, funny pieces. if that's not progress then i don't know what is. other than the obvious benefit of actually *writing*, here are the other benefits to teh funny:

1. it's easier to come up with good ideas.
2. it's shorter, and therefore faster, to write than anything else.
3. since it's easier and shorter, i've actually *finished* 3. as opposed to not finishing anything i've started over the last year.
4. distractions do not interrupt the flow of writing. in fact, sometimes they help (see #1). this is also huge, because when i'm writing something more =serious= it can take me a while to get into the right zone.
5. speaking of distractions, it doesn't seem to matter what music i listen to while i'm engaged in funny bidness. ROCK ON.
6. i get to laugh while i'm doing it. or just thinking about it.

my first piece, called 'Superheroes at the Wheel', gets an audience in our writer's group, next saturday. we'll see what they think but as for min, i heard her laughing all the way from upstairs. i think this is a good sign.


Pandababy said...

The world needs more humor, and you have a knack for making me laugh out loud in some of your blogs, so I hope you keep going in that direction.

heather said...

thanks! :)

gs said...

So are we going to get to read this? Posted publicly? Or at least emailed privately to those of us who ask and say pretty please? Pretty please?

heather said...

i don't want to post it but i popped you an email via your blog-form. ping me with your address and i'll pass it on!

and for anyone else who's read this far and doesn't want to share their email publicly, you can write to me here and i'll get it. :)