Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the good and the bad

since my last post:

good: i've written more funnies.
bad: not as many as i'd like. i know, pretty minor bad. but this is because:

good: i've had some work to do. this keeps me from chomping at the bit.
bad: see above

good: i get a cyst, (very likely) 1 whirlygig, and bonus material removed thursday afternoon!
bad: that i need surgery at all. also that i have to take vacation time for it, since work's sick/vacation policy sucks.

good: that i have a job, crappy policies or not.
bad: that i had to turn down a totally ToTaLLy awesome job because of what i'd have to write about. their posting was anonymous, so i didn't know what i was getting into when i applied. i really thought hard about it but realized i just couldn't swallow a senior writer gig *there*, because i just don't get *them*. a one-off i could probably swing. full time hack? nope. and that sucks.

good: i may be jinxing it, but today looks to be light. here's to more writing!
bad: none because la la la a pox on the jinxing!


Wyatt's Mom said...

I so get the jinx and pox.
Very glad you're writing funny again!

heather said...

thanks! i'm pretty damn happy about it myself.

Pandababy said...

I hope your surgery went well today and that you'll be feeling fine soon.

heather said...

it did, thanks, though it's been taking longer to recover than i planned. doc found more than he expected too - least i got it done!