Friday, March 13, 2009

hey peeples

so i survived the whirlygig affair. i must say, recuperation is taking a lot longer than i figured. part of that is probably because of all the end0metri0sis that had to get "removed". they don't tell you that til afterwards -- especially if they don't expect it going in -- but removal of that shit means **burning** it away. so needless to say, my innards haven't been the happiest of campers.

but yesterday marked 2 weeks since the big day, and i was able to eek out a normal work schedule this week, thanks to the happy pills. i thought i could go back earlier and believe me, i was mistaken. but thank god for barely enough borrowed-PTO time and aforementioned pills.

other than feeling better physically, honestly what i can't wait for is having the mental and emotional energy to write. well, you know -- funnies. because this post's my creative limit for now, and i get how sad that is. :-p

so here's to chortles next week! man, i love that word. CHORTLES.


gs said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear you are recovering at least, if not as quickly as you hoped. And yes, thank goodness for happy pills.

And yes, chortles is a terrirfic word. It ranks right up there with serendipity. Back in the 1940's (I think), it used to be common to compliment someone with the expression, "Orchids to you." Now, I say, Chortles to you!

heather said...

oh, what fun. chortles to you!

Capricorncringe said...

I'm all for happy pills. And chortles. And orchids, for that matter. I'm easy-going like that.