Friday, April 17, 2009

the internet is about collaboration

a friend of mine made (most) of this for me based, as you might guess, on how funny we think we are. i then complained that 'nice' was not on the list. i am a big fan of that word, and did not think it fair -- nay, nice -- to have it left off. i wasn't sure of the point spread for nice so i opted for something more precious.

that's right. animated sheep. and if you're lucky, LOTS of them.

HAppy Friday. :)


Capricorncringe said...

I never say the word or utter a sound that could be interpreted as "heh."

But I write it a lot. Put me down for -5480 and I'll try to work it off in genuine HAHAHAHAs and AWESOMEs

heather said...

i may have verbally said "heh" a couple times. but write..yes, a lot. which is why it got a negative, i assume. ;)

as for your goal: AWESOME. +50 for you!

Kelley said...

OK, I love this, because I have a young cousin who apparently has such a detailed texting relationship with a friend of hers that she can tell whether said friend is being ironic or seriously amused or a series of other emotions based on the number of "ha"s used in a response. Clearly, knowing the category in which to put someone's theoretically amused response is a baseline for friendship levels.
I may call this the "ha test." or the "test ha ha." or the "HAheha." Or maybe I need some help coming up with a name.

heather said...

i vote 'the ha test'. i hadn't thought about it but i shouldn't be surprised there are others who have quantified silliness levels on a textual basis. ;-)