Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a study in contrasts

a study in contrasts
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if no one is around, dolce is a lump. however, if someone (especially me) approaches, she will start rolling over and moving her head constantly.

in other words, i took 10 shots. the single, barely-blurry one was the left, the other 9? see to the right.

so: adorable, but slightly annoying.

in other news we went to fort stevens over in astoria a few weekends ago and had a merry olde time.

in other other news...i'm getting ready to dust off my personal site. need more freelance web/writing work, bring in a bit more scrilla. yay, here's to bills!


Capricorncringe said...

Aww she's a cutie. Maybe you could wear a disguise so she doesn't recognize you and ruin your pictures ;)

heather said...

haha! what a brilliant plan! now to get a mask, hmm....