Saturday, August 12, 2006

fascination wimmin

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as we all know, there are some fascinating wimmin out there. so of course, when i saw this tonight, i had to snap a picture. and snap i did, with my snappy new canon! a birthday present which i got to research, pick out and pick up today thanks to a good deal (i was determined to spend under $200) at wolf camera.

after we picked that up, we went out to dinner and then down to the boardwalk to listen to a free concert by john waite. it was pretty packed, and he was good (and loud) so we ambled around, took the sky tram, and otherwise just had a relaxing and wonderful evening.

topped, of course, with a stop at marianne's ice cream on the way out of town. requisite!

ok i think i'm finally off to sleep now. hopefully more adventures this weekend. i am determined to get some video footage (yay! in-camera video!) of pearl doing her famous belly dance. :-D

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