Friday, August 04, 2006

lunchtime fun

while i'm waiting for the *fastest*bestest* application of all time, clearwaste, here are some lunchtime observations from this week:
  • buck rogers is funny. especially when people say things like "But I can't leave Musicworld!"

    it is amazing how, even 26 years ago, jerry orbach still looks old. i also never noticed that buck's robot - twiki! - pulls a road runner (bdeep-bdeep-bdeep) sometimes. but i guess that makes sense since mel blanc did both. :-D
  • that KITT car is a bonafide wiseass. i heart him. also, why is david hasslehoff so adored (by some)? i don't get it.
  • a luau salad tastes better under a series of shady trees, with your best girl and puppy by your side. as well as some damn good cake to polish things off.

ok clearwaste isn't done, but i am for now. have a good weekend!


Andrea said...

ugh, i think i gained 10# just looking at the menu. >=O


heather said...

heh. that's why i had a salad! ok no really, it was just what i wanted that day. but i swear, everytime i go to buca di beppo i gain a couple pounds. :-p