Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the haps

since july 29, not even two weeks ago! altho i admit, it's close. let's see...

july 30: we went to wen and tara's engagement party out in the boonies (ripon). before we went though, we took pearl to the house of a Kind Stranger From Bascrappy. m had posted looking for a last-minute place for pearl to get puppysat (i thought she'd be ok at home, but no matter) and a very sweet woman posted saying she had a small chihuahua that would probably looove to play with pearl. we talked on the phone...she offered references but seemed so nice we just went for it.

and that all went just fine, thank you. pearl and the other pup had the Best Time Ever. meantime we also had a very very good time at tara's parents' place. beyoootiful garden/backyard. great food, excellent company, most of which we didn't know, but everyone was super friendly.

on the way home we stopped in pleasanton? amidst an explosion of superstores, anyway, and had a meal and did a bit of shopping. had to buy some new bras because half of my old ones were too big! annoying but of course, good.

july 31: i think we went to the women's group at the defrank. kinda nice. i even talked! a lot! but not as much as this one

aug 2: we tried to go to the PWG meeting but we'd had a fight on the way up, and ended up leaving halfway through for more processing. yay. all i feel like saying about all that is, it had to do with this stupid poly stuff, and theoretically the particular subtopic at hand was all sorted out, but i don't know if i really believe it. i think the next time it comes up will be the true test.

and no i have not resigned myself to anything. i really don't know where she and i will end up eventually, but for now, for sure it's still just her and i.

aug 5/6: i think we just stayed home - cleaned and did more medical paperwork, for which we have an endless amount. a lot of what we're doing now involves scrilla payback! which is a great motivator. and the cleaning, well, that is its own motivator too. looking over and not seeing piles of cwap really *is* nice.

aug 7: women's group again. was fine but i didn't feel chatty for some reason. like that EVER happens! that's ok though, that same woman i mentioned last time reeeally likes to talk. she does have interesting things to say, but wow.

aug 8: took my bad self to target, to try to return some swimming trunks that i had outgrown (undergrown?) before i even had a chance to wear them! but could NOT return because i didn't have the original credit card anymore (bank just switched me from visa to mc). grr. in the meantime target had also decided to sell off 90% of their swimtrunks and i almost didn't find any! but did at the last minute, and in a smaller size than i expected to have fit me. heh. very nice. was determined, too, because we have an offsite to waterski next week! and i've never been! woo!

other than that, it's just been work, eat, sleep. like normal for most people i guess. and really, i suppose most of this entry is boringly normal and relatively calm. i'm ok with that for now. :-)


wen said...

busy grrl!

it was great to have you at the party. :)

oh and an offsite waterski??? how cool. where are you going?

heather said...

lake berryessa? which i think is near napa? which is why it'll be an all-day affair. :-)