Friday, January 04, 2008

the daily grind

this morning i did something i rarely do -- i called a company i interviewed with a few weeks back, to see what the status was. i had been told, while there, that i'd be contacted before the end of the year. i really wanted this job, so in case they passed on me (and being january now, i assumed they had), i wanted to see if they thought there was some area i could improve in, for future openings in this area. i have had a positive response to this before, so i figured what the hell.

turns out the hiring for that position was frozen. and they were going to hire four people! while that sucks a lot for me of course, in a way i almost feel just as bad for them. you thought four people were coming, and now you get zero. nyah nyah.

they did tell me that the hiring might thaw next month, so that's good. meantime i continue, as ever, the elusive search for employment, and as i look through the mediocre postings today, i find that nothing moves me. oh, don't get me wrong, after i finish this post i'll be applying to four positions. but i can't get excited about them (one i could, if only it were FT), and maybe it's that coupled with knowing this next week i have two interviews for web hackish positions (which i'm also having difficulty feigning interest in) that's just making this morning a bit bummerish.

i'm glad my parents are coming over today for a belated new year's of grubbing, gaming, and giggling. i can tell i need it.