Tuesday, January 15, 2008

enjoying the silence?

i know, after a bout of touretting i've been silent for 10 days. you can chalk that up to:

- a plethora of job interviews. a very good reason to be silent, no?
- listing, selling, packaging and shipping a variety of books, cds and dvds, to earn some scrilla
- a car accident

no one is hurt except for the car, which is in the shop as we speak. this happened friday night whilst min was making her way to whole f00ds. she was at a 3-way stop and apparently one of these people felt it was taking too long to go, so the person behind them (90 degrees to m's right) zipped around and plowed into the right side of our car.

thank god i stayed home, since that's right where i'd have been sitting.

the best part is that due to some credit card snafus (which some of you may recall), it turned out our car insurance had lapsed. not that we knew that at the time, though that's just for the best since she'd have been ticketed for it. it's being remedied now but suffice to say, we'll have to pay to get the car fixed, instead of insurance paying. this is doing wonders for my budding ulcer, in case you were curious.

i wasn't going to write about all this yet - maybe wait until tomorrow, which is currently unbooked - but the morning interview i had scheduled was cancelled on account of ice. which makes it the perfect time to blab to the internet.

and how are you doing?


Pandababy said...

When life throws this many mud-balls one after the other, there is only one thing left to do - write! Sort of an Irma Bombek kind of 'are we having fun yet' thing... Who knows - in one of life's ironic twists, it could end up being published, making you famous and wealthy (well, no half-hearted day-dreams when we're going for broke here!).

heather said...

yes. good thing my life is full of twists! i do plan to make good use of them eventually.

liz2d2 said...

Makes you glad you have the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ on your side, doesn't it?

heather said...

yes. even though i don't know how i'm going to deal with the next several weeks, at least i have the big kahuna over my shoulder.

Jessamina said...

I am glad no one was hurt... sorry to here about your car ouchies tho.

heather said...

thanks, sweetie.

Dharma said...

Oh dear what a bunch of silly luck. It amazes me that nothing has been canceled or shut off yet. A few close calls but so far {knocking wood, tossing salt over left shoulder, patting the rabbit foot - well actually the cat's because it's so similar and right here...}.

Glad no one was hurt.