Monday, September 22, 2008

an update on my odd little world

  • things are entirely too busy at work.
  • but i got a teeny soda can acknowledging my contributions!
  • a new person just joined our team, so maybe things will get a month, when they're trained
  • my mom finally came for Her Weekend of Processing
  • yes it was productive...and long.
  • yes she says she's leaving my dad. in fact, she says it will be next weekend
  • i'm not holding my breath
  • she's coming to stay with us...temporarily. she says she's excited about getting her own place
  • not holding my breath there either.
  • mom in the house will be good for min (for several reasons) but a big one is:
  • about a month ago, min stopped driving. she's having (more) forgetful+depth perception-type issues. so it'll be good to have another driver in the house, for a while
  • i am really proud of min for making that decision. my dad should've done that a long time ago.
  • and of course, i am proud of my mom, taking some of the steps she needs to feel good about herself
  • i will be even prouder if she actually does what she needs to by next weekend

    and most importantly:
  • there needs to be a ghirardelli store in portland


Capricorncringe said...

Changing your life is hard ... no matter how old you are. I'm glad your mom is beginning to do what she needs to do ... whatever that turns out to be.

heather said...

thanks cc. since i wrote this, she's already coming up with reasons to delay... i understand them but still...sigh.