Thursday, April 07, 2005

and now for something completely obnoxious

lately i've had the worst time thinking about things that are completely inappropriate. my work-safe (unless you work with me - in which case, start going LALALALA) example is the "Idea Wall".

the Idea Wall is a place where employees can share their ideas to make the company's products better, introduce new products, etc. it is literally a gigantic piece of paper (maybe 12' x5') taped to the wall. people have taped their ideas (including pictures) and scribbled all over this paper, such that it is pretty crowded already even though it's only been up for a month, tops.

the inappropriateness? every time i see it, i want to tear it down, rip it up, smash it into a ball and throw it into the garbage. the Wall evokes my deep-rooted cynicism of the corporate world in two ways: 1) this is a way for us to all appear happy/productive while having corporate interests at heart and 2) because these submissions are anonymous, i think that eventually this is a way for some executive to take credit for an underling's idea. and to both of these ideas i just want to say *#@?%!

that's just one inappropriate idea. the rest i'm not sharing because, well, they're inappropriate.

i think i need a vacation.

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Andrea said...

ha! after months, if not an entire year, facilities *finally* covered up the messed up drywall patch down a stairwell with a huge whiteboard, which marketing decorated with sidekick-related photos mounted on CONSTRUCTION PAPER!!! so now every time i pass it, which is several times a day, i think, that's the best marketing can do???

i think i need a vacation too. =D