Saturday, April 02, 2005

workin for the weekend

this last week was difficult. busy at work, several appointments for min and blue cross drama because they're refusing to pay for her upcoming shot. that will probably get worked out but only because we're appealing it.

so i was really looking forward to this weekend, if only to have a break from one responsibility (daytime job) for a while. like always, the weekend is the time i catch up on all the errands/housework i didn't have time for during the week.

but it's also a chance to spend more time with my baby since i literally don't have to go away for 10 hours or so saturday and sunday! and even though she had a really bad attack wednesday, her new pain medicine (which we got friday night) is already helping a bit more (since then she's mostly kept her pain to a 5-7 instead of a relatively constant 7-8). yay! and for the first time in, hmm, a month? she had 3 meals today. not full meals, mind you. it's still a big deal. and she's been much more alert today - even went out with me on a short errand - another sign of her feeling betterish. yay! hopefully this will help keep her more comfortable until the 15th.

a side benefit to the hardly eating, obviously, is that she's lost a lot of weight in the last year. most of it since christmas. we've both lost weight, which is nice, but i'd rather be heavier than to have gone through all this. :-p

anyway, just wanted to follow up with a slightly more cheerful post since today was a relatively good day. spent a lot of it watching our latest addiction, 24 on netflix. damn that show is good! if you haven't watched it, you gotta check it out. i really don't know if we can adjust to watching it on tv and waiting a whole week inbetween episodes once we catch up to the current season. damn.

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