Tuesday, April 05, 2005

she runs away

i'll never forget the first time i heard this song. min had uploaded it on the iBook and i was riding caltrain on my way to my contract job at thomson. i think it's the first time i ever imagined a whole story so clearly just based on a song. not the story being told by the song - one that just unfolded in my mind. i don't want to butcher the retelling of it here (besides i've only got rebase time :-), but it was a cool short story if i do say so myself. i wrote it all down right then and there, but later lost it in one of the many Great iBook Crashes of 2004.

anyway, that song just came up in the itunes, and i thought i'd take a moment to share. it's not like it's the best song ever, but for some reason it inspired me that day, and now whenever i hear it, i remember that moment. which is a big deal for me what with my lovely memory. :-p

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