Thursday, May 19, 2005

geeks rule

lately it feels like there has been a minor exodus from our department, and it feels a little surreal. one person is transitioning to another role (still in our department, but they will be doing totally different stuff), one person left for another department altogether, and one is leaving to freelance.

i was musing on this yesterday (after the announcement bout the freelancer) and wondering WTF? then it occurred to me: the one thing all these people have in common apparently is that they like to write more than they like battling with technology, tools and/or code. which is actually a great deal of what our daily work lives are about. we're not knee-deep in the code like web developers, but sometimes we really have to muck around to figure what the hell we need to do to address the Issue of The Moment.

thing is, i like all that. working in the code, figuring shit out. don't like the problems of course, but troubleshooting can be interesting. i really like being on our little SWAT team. i like being helpful and i like being one of the resident geeks. but i guess that's why i'm still here and not leaving so that i can write pages and pages of content inside word docs instead of an average one sentence every month directly into the code.

i guess this is all just another way to say: geeks rule!

and in other news, yes we saw the surgeon earlier this week. but i don't want to talk about it yet because it was kind of scary. we have a followup appointment next week where we should nail down exactly what should be happening (instead of scary things that could happen but we really don't know for sure yet). :-p

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