Thursday, May 05, 2005

progress (sort of)

it's official: the last botox shot min got is not helping enough. she still can hardly eat, and even when she does gets really bad pain or outright attacks. her daily level of pain is just too high - not livable or workable long term.

the last option she has, and it's supposed to be a pretty good one, is gastric bypass surgery. yes, the same one that millions of people are using to lose weight. in this case they're just doing it to bypass her 98% uncooperative stomach and duodenum. which should cut down significantly on the pain, etc.

she'll lose more weight, yea. in the scheme of things we really don't care about that, though. she's already losing plenty (10 pounds last week, and i am not exaggerating). on the upside maybe the dietician they're forcing her to see for the surgery can help her figure out a more workable eating/supplement plan.

surgery isn't scheduled yet. surgeon has annoying but understandable pre-appt rituals we must navigate. so in the meantime, i guess wish us good luck in getting this scheduled asap!

i now return you to your regularly scheduled workaholism (and my own).

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wen said...

hey heather, i'm so sorry to hear min is in pain. i know people who have had the bypass surgery and done very well with it.

i also have a friend who is a chiropractor, and who told me about some high-calorie supplement powder; she was going to get some for me because i have such a hell time hanging onto my weight. i can find out the details and let you know if you think it's something min might benefit from. it's supposed to be good for folks who are ill etc. so i would imagine it's quite mild and ends up being put in a shake or smoothie. i'm thinking good thoughts for both of you.