Saturday, May 28, 2005

d-day is coming

so as i mentioned the other day, min's surgery has been scheduled. it's in just 3 days. wow.

i'm still a bit fuzzy on the complete details, but i can tell you that they are doing this and this and a similar thing to that last one up in her esophagus because of her achalasia. and yes that's a new term to both min and i and yes we gave our surgeon a hard time for giving us a hard time for not knowing it since no doctor had ever told her the technical name for that condition. :-p

anyway, i hear there will also be an external tube involved but that should be temporary. also because of the complexity they have to do it open (large incision) instead of laproscopic.

needless to say min is pretty freaked out. but she is handling it pretty well by not thinking about it too much. nice that after 9 years together (anniversary last week) that behavior of mine has rubbed off on her a little bit, heh. i mean, we are preparing and all, and trying to do some fun things to stay a little distracted (going to star wars in a few hours, woo!) but i know it's not very far towards the back of our minds.

so if you made it this far, please keep her in your thoughts for this tuesday morning and the rest of the week really. thanks to everyone who has sent well wishes so far, too.


Carol said...

Sending hippie healing energy from here (along with some shamanic drumming for good measure). Will be keeping you both in my thoughts next week.

Moxie said...

I love you, my wife, my heart, my peach. You are all things wondrous with your wonderful combinations of power and gentleness, joix de vivre, and brilliance. When I dream, all I ever want is to dream of you. When i wake, all I ever want is to be with you. Heart of my heart, love of my life, most amazing woman in the world. Loving you, a soon-to-be-restored-buni. :)

Andrea said...

of course good thoughts to you both! everything will be just fine, and of course, let us know if you need anything.

wen said...

sounds like you both have a great attitude about this. i know it's scary! i'll send you both some reiki (a good healing energy).